mood indigo

michel gondry, director of one of my everlasting film favorites, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, is at it again, spinning tales of dreamlike wonder and love. this time, he's working with OG-surrealist boris vian's 1947 novel L'Écume des Jours (translated to froth on the daydream, so awesome, right?). i can't wait to lay my eyes on mood indigo. watch the trailer below (and don't forget to turn on subtitles).


two completely gorgeous living spaces featured on fvf recently. like crisp spring air! more and more i continue to grasp the intoxicating ways of southern california. hello, endless months of green. definitely check out the interview archives over at freunde von freunden, you won't regret the time spent scrolling, promise!

click for more from fvf's interviews with coryander friend and claire cottrell.

wwake me

is this not one of the coolest lookbooks you've ever laid eyes on? so sumptuous and artful with the deep green and red backgrounds like a museum's medieval art wing's walls. it seems wwake and i are having a bit of a (one-sided) love affair these days... (see earlier post here)

saturday by the way

oh, most definitely. happy weekend y'all.

i won a lace bodysuit by Lonely via 5 inch and up a while back, and it is most dear to my heart. their spring collection, called Chloe, is another slayer. the first bra, not an underwire in sight and featuring a nifty 'lil cutout and plunge neckline, is my type of valentine's jam.

grounds keeping

just hanging out amidst the foliage, looking like a deadly vixen. the photography (annemarieke van drimmelen) and styling (dimphy den otter) of this vogue netherlands editorial is pretty spell-binding.


oh so

super cool site sous style is an untapped thing for me. this is generally uncommon. like food? like stylish people and/or things? meet sous style! can't wait to get in there. this profile of hemsley sisters (behind 'the art of eating well') is way lovely. plaid + lace + ....tie-stripes on a scarf? oh YES.

stay bright

hooray. bright colors are allowed in winter months too, ya know. these spunky little thangs below are from elle france. they know what's up.

photos by simon burstall.

hello i love you // botanical layers

this sweatshirt. with everything. every season. masha reva for syndicate as spotted on maria @ vanilla scented. others in the collection called botanical layers here.

that loft living

designer daphne javitch behind the perrrfectly simple and sexy but woah-expensive underwear line TEN as captured by natalie joos @ tales of endearment. i love her vintage carolina herrera waxing and waning moon print dress (3rd photo). what a dream! check out the rest here.