yippee, new beginnings

Internet friends. It has been a while! I've been posting on Summer Teeth since the year 2008, which is pretty wild! Summer Teeth is definitely rocking some funky eyeglasses and purple lipstick these days.

For a long while though I've been dreaming of a new space that would feel fresh and inviting. A space that would give me a blank slate to work from. A blog that would have the same title as it's URL (ah, clearly I was feeling the opposing music references when creating this 'ol babe). So, for the past two months I've been building this new little seed. It's called Discreet Charms, and it's name is inspired by a really awesomely great film (one of my greatest loves, after all), and the idea that sometimes the best things are the little, discreet things. 

THANK YOU for following me here for these past several years. It's been so much fun! And please (!) come visit over at Discreet Charms. I'd be so honored, and can promise lots of heartfelt, inspiring content.

With love and thanks,


some drama for your post-holiday monday, people, brought to you by The Gentlewoman and photographer Roe Ethridge. i am so very into the kelly green outfit, with the gorgeous split back. 

green spacing

i am swwwwooning for the sparse + organic elements of this home (and shop, Mono) in Buenos Aires photographed by Freunde von Freuden. i spent 5 months living in that city, and i'm feeling a bit like i missed something BIG having not stumbled across this stunning retreat...

where i've been

oh, dear! it has certainly been a while. boatloads of apologies for the unannounced hiatus. i accepted an awesome, short term opportunity with Refinery29 LA and have been wrapped up in that goodness the last couple of months. i'm so excited to share some snaps from a piece i penned that i'm so very proud of (woah, alliteration overload) — it was a home visit, recipe story, and interview with LA-based photographer/art director/instagram whiz Lani Trock of Bunch Mag, with gorgeous photos snapped by the inimitable Jessie Webster of Sweet Thing Blog. have a peek, and forgive me for my bad blogger behavior! stay tuned for big changes around these parts ;)

ps// read the full Refinery29 story for interview and recipes here.

top 3: photos taken by me, from my Instragram feed.
bottom 3: photos by Jessie Webster for R29.


la garçonne remains the benchmark for dreamy online shops filled with things i would kinda get scrappy over. perfect amounts moody and soft. kill.ing.it.

ps// i took a mini vacation from the blog to complete my M.A. final exams in grad school! apologies.

half a day

new kid on the block travel project 12 hrs. was launched by The Locals photographer Søren Jepsen and writer Anna Peuckert and is really just my kind of travel site, all shops and cafes and thoughtful recommendations for inspiring trips to places that range from Portland, Oregon to Copenhagen. extra points for photography that makes you want to skip your lunch meeting and hightail it to the airport immediately in search of equal amounts of color and adventure (via miss moss).

# need spring visions

you guys, it's spring. well, it's been spring for a bit, but the flowers? they are a-bloomin' in Los Angeles right now.  I have to stop myself from plucking handfuls on my walks home just about every day. my apartment is not very big. it can get to be a little much. plus, live & let live, right? (is it weird that I feel guilty picking flowers sometimes? I feel like it's a death sentence... oh boy). richmond, virgina-based need supply co. is hosting a lovely lil pinterest contest to inaugurate this, the dreamiest of seasons (sigh).  you should probably have a go! the winner takes home a pretty penny worth of magical goodness (and there are second and third prizes, too, hiphip!). read the full rules here! and see the sources for the above spring-inspired images on my entry board.