less-literal joys

double peplums and flying saucer bangles, loose-fitting lace, leather trousers and quilted jackets. that's festive-dressing i can really get behind. to 2013! happy new year everybody!

photos from cover magazine.

died and gone to jumper heaven

just in case you were beginning to tire of all of the festive jumpers seen during the holiday season (how could you!), here are some cosmically splendid knit goodness brought to you by annie larson. something to wake up your sleepy, food-induced-coma eyes, ey? her line ALL Knitwear is completely bonkers, a patchwork approach to print and color that would make any 80s/90s child weep with happiness. ying-yangs and cheeto prints and just general delight. check it out, buy like your unprepared aunt on christmas eve morning. happy holidays!

the woods are lovely dark and deep

so dark and enchanting. bon magazine is the best!

photos by julia hetta for bon winter '12.


the museum of natural history in new york is one of my favorite places of all time (the hall of gems, you guys). it's like the ultimate curiosity shop, so full of strange and enchanting things. this editorial, with its sundry prints and collars, has me swoooning (and scouring etsy).

photos by fanny latour-lambert.

bend 'n snap

an essential lazy-girl combination to master, if you were to ask me (you didn't, that's ok), is the tight skirt and tshirt mix. moderately appropriate for class (good enough), somewhat underdressed but still cute for parties (it's a skirt, people), kind of charming and gamine for a movie night (if your legs don't freeze, mine do, annoying). in other words, it's a versatile one. i love the look worn with sneakers (Supergas ftw. this forest green pair is dreamy) - they balance the pencil skirt and t-shirt juuust right. try it!

some loovely skirt options here: 1 - kenzo printed pencil skirt; 2 - mugler black stretch wool pencil skirt; 3 - zara skirt with front patches; 4 - a-line wool wrap skirt5 - boy. by band of outsiders suspender skirt; 6 - l'agence metallic pencil skirt; 7 - forever21 contrast inset skirt.

elle mexico november.

grey light

it very nearly hasn't stopped raining for four days. rain out here in california makes me feel like there are these things, things called seasons, that exist. i like seasons. it makes that inevitable sunny day all the more blissful. these photos from corduroy magazine are perfectly downcast for days like these.

european art wing

what do you say we bop on over to every museum in the city wearing cozy knits and backpacks, maybe some flatforms? ya, ok! i love this editorial. wearable inspiration for daaays.

photos by alasdair mclellan.