First on, last off

Phillip Lim's collection of pretty, flimsy, oh-so-lovely things to wear around all day long with no place to go is right up my alley. The line is called Initials, and the spring collection is bright and sweet, and, is it just me or can you imagine never wanting to wear anything but the double-back-stapped bra and boxer shorts too?

philliplimss12 initials timbarber3
philliplimss12 initials timbarber4
timbarber 3.1 initials2
philliplimss12 initials timbarber2
timbarber 3.1 initials
philliplimss12 initials timbarber

Photos by TIm Barber.

A clean canvas

Beautiful and tranquil whites. This I could get used to. Dreaming of Hitoshi Uchida's home in Japan as snapped by The Selby.

selby Hitoshi Uchida4
selby Hitoshi Uchida5
selby Hitoshi Uchida3
selby Hitoshi Uchida
selby Hitoshi Uchida2

Every day

I'm flying home to New Jersey/New York tomorrow and I'm preparing myself. For what you ask? Well, living in California makes you a bit spoiled, I fear. Isn't this print brilliant? I'd love it in my room on the wall. A friendly reminder.

sun cant shine every day


I adore the styling of this editorial. Can't you just imagine the confusing but sublime warm-in-the-sun, chill-in-the-air weather? Hm, I can. And, this makes me want a fluffy white vest to wear over denim even more. That's a basic, no?

harpersbazaaraustralia august7
harpersbazaaraustralia august6
harpersbazaaraustralia august5
harpersbazaaraustralia august4
harpersbazaaraustralia august3
harpersbazaaraustralia august2

Photos from Harpers Bazaar Australia, August.

Stolen inspiration

More Closet Visit goodies. I love the tomboyish, but still feminine thing that Karolina Maszkiewicz (phew!) has going on here. And that oh, so very English feeling sitting room. Yeah.

closetvisit Karolina Maszkiewicz4
closetvisit Karolina Maszkiewicz3
closetvisit Karolina Maszkiewicz2
closetvisit Karolina Maszkiewicz

Joan Saló

Spanish artist Joan Saló's pen on canvas creations are what keep a doodler's heart beating.


Clemence, making us all look bad

jalousenov11 masonpoole4
jalousenov11 masonpoole3
jalousenov11 masonpoole2
jalousenov11 masonpoole

Mason Poole for Jalouse, November 2011.

Fuschia lips

I like em.



everydayishow Gabriele Noziglia2
everydayishow Gabriele Noziglia3
everydayishow Keegan Gibbs6

A few very cinematic feeling photographs.

The first two are by Gabriele Noziglia, the third is by Keegan Gibbs. via Everyday I Show, one of my favorite websites in the wide wide internet world.

dotty landscapes

Welp. These are fantastic. Lizzy Stewart is an illustrator, based in London, is inspired "by a need to tell stories but also by folk culture, music and the places in which she finds herself."

lizzystewart abouttoday2
lizzystewart abouttoday


warm winter's breeze

Where is this? Is this in California? I feel like living here makes me understand this CRAZY DICHOTOMY of weather a little bit better. Hot when sitting still in the sun, but cold when walking around. Yes precisely.

lifemag georgesilk sunvalley 1958
lifemag missmoss3
lifemag missmoss2
lifemag missmoss

Photos from Life Magazine, via Miss Moss.