small captures

These little captures are so lovely, aren't they? Shini of Park & Cube has such a delightful eye for detail. See for yaself!

parkandcube boots
parkandcube outfit

cos I love you

Yep. It's love I feel for this COS spring/summer collection. Especially ogling the black overralley looking guys.

cos springsummer4
cos springsummer3
cos springsummer2
cos springsummer

alone tomorrow morning

Sort of enchanted by these quiet, beautiful but bereft feeling shots from AnOther Magazine.

Kiko Mizuhara AnotherMag3
Kiko Mizuhara AnotherMag2
Kiko Mizuhara AnotherMag

desert daisy

Freaking obsessed with this girl's hair! I wouldn't mind.

juliagaldo flickr6
juliagaldo flickr3
juliagaldo flickr5

Photos by Julia Galdo.


Lukasz Wierzbowski flickr3
Lukasz Wierzbowski flickr2
Lukasz Wierzbowski flickr
lukasz wierzbowski2
lukasz wierzbowski

Photos by Lukasz Wierzbowski. Song is Bloom by Radiohead!

lost season

So, it is not fall here in Los Angeles. But that little fact can't keep me from dreaming of fall dressing. Hey, there's always Thanksgiving in New Jersey! So I revisited the Scotch & Soda collection I spied on Miss Moss a few months back to let my mind wander to what I might like to be wearing... sigh... (just kidding, mostly - I mean I can't complain - But there is something so wonderful about sweaters and cozy layers brrr.)

scotchandsoda missmoss
scotchandsoda missmoss6
scotchandsoda missmoss5
scotchandsoda missmoss8
scotchandsoda missmoss3
scotchandsoda missmoss2
scotchandsoda missmoss7

a bridge of ancient vines

bridge of ancientvines3
bridge of ancientvines2
bridge of ancientvines

In the Indian state of Meghalaya, there exist stunningly intricate bridge systems made from the ancient vines and roots of the native Ficus Elastica (rubber tree). Using hollowed out trees to create root guidance systems, the roots and vines of the rubber tree are stretched across fast-flowing rivers and streams to form sturdy bridge systems. A mature bridge can hold the weight of more than 50 people at a time! Can't you just imagine how this bridge might feel underneath you? Sort of springy and sinewy? Or how it might smell? Traditional wooden bridges could not survive in Meghalaya due to the significant rainfall that is characteristic to the region. These bridges, still alive, still growing, gain strength over time. Truly awe-inspiring! This is nature and humankind interacting in a most wondrous way.