sorry; and, flights of fancy | five

Oh, dear. It has been a while, dear blog, hasn't it?! Since moving to California life has been less than organized and so on that I blame my absence. Grad school started on Friday and things have been loony tunes here since then. Also, being active on tumblr is proving to be increasingly simple and addicting. Oh hey, check that out (In Dreams It Touches!) if you want to see lots of pretty thangs that have been keeping me sane over the last few weeks.

And for now, a Flights of Fancy, because well, I'm well overdue.

Vanessa Jackman for MiH Jeans. This is what I imagine it would be like to dress totally chic and comfortable and slight bits French New Wave. In other words, what it would be to dress like a dream.

vanessa jackman MiH jeans3
vanessa jackman MiH jeans2
vanessa jackman MiH jeans

These colored collars by Wonderment. I especially like the zesty orange. I'm imagining it with a lot of dresses in my closet.

wonderment collar2
wonderment collar

Have you all seen Miss Moss's incredibly gorgeous artorial post? It's worth checking them all out here. They are like foggy half-remembered dreams. Beautiful and vibrant but unsure of their settings.

missmoss artitorial4
missmoss artitorial3
missmoss artitorial2
missmoss artitorial

This Jenga shelf. ARE YOU KIDDING?! That's all I have to say about that. Maybe one more thing: so freaking amazing and DIY-able. I'm done.

jenga shelf

I pretty much always love Jenni Kayne. Her Spring collection is lovelyy.


These snaps from NYFW. Miroslava Duma kills me.


This look spied on Stockholm Streetstyle. I'm in California now, and the weather is just so, so confusing. Morning cold. Day hot. Night cold. How doth one dress? This seems like it might be a good starting point.

stockstreetstyle prints

Dreamy details from Natalie Joos at Tales of Endearment. I just adore this woman. She seems so confident and cool and let's not even get started on her eye for vintage treasures.

nataliejoos talesofendearment4
nataliejoos talesofendearment3
nataliejoos talesofendearment2
nataliejoos talesofendearment

Quirky printed scarves that when worn, have the most amazingly vibrant effect. I always felt like if I were to design something, it would be beautiful silk scarves with images of nature on them. A gal can dream... These by Charlotte Linton and Reborn (the bottom set) are so intoxicating.

charlotte linton scarf mineralogy madagascar inspired
charlotte linton scarf
charlotte linton9
reborn silk scarves designlovefest

These are just the ultimate. Sexy but quirky. Classic butttt somewhat of a slant interpretation. Everythang I lurv. Thanks, Nicholas Kirkwood. Your creations are sold out but they will live on in my dreams!

nicholaskirkwood woven heels ln-cc.com2
nicholaskirkwood woven heels

Sweet necklaces that are now sold out online at Leif Shop but hey, I smell a DIY. Would be pretty with washed up shells found at the beach.

Two-Tone Coral Necklace | LEIF2

!!! This super rad ring which is in the mail, on its way to me, as a birthday present from my parents. In person it is just ridiculous looking. Great depth and super unique. By Andy Lifschutz, who you should 100% check out if you're all for the raw-cut gemstone craze.

andylifschutz naturespeaks7

Leaning towards laser-cut accessories lately. And orangey/red things. These Proenza Schouler heels are pretty incredible.

PROENZAzipfrontlasercutsandal oc

Seeing Beirut next Tuesday and am just so so, so excited. Saw them over the summer but it was an outdoor venue along the Brooklyn Waterfront and I couldn't hear nooothin aside from little tidbits of ecstasy. This show's at the Greek Theatre. Will be my first time. This is my favorite song from their new album, but really that changes everyday. Listen on Spotify hereeee.