flights of fancy | four

This week is a hot one in New York. 100 degrees Fahrenheit and my apartment is so steamy that I find myself walking in circles unable to focus. This calls for lots of iced teas and floaty dressing.

My week's fancies...

White flowers in flowing hair.... I'm sorry I'm not sorry, the summer makes me want to look like a woodland nymph!

Vs.Magazine danielgurton july3
Vs.Magazine danielgurton july2

This idea, thanks to pretty Miroslava Duma (who is posting her daily outfits now), to unearth an old crewneck sweatshirt and attach a lacey collar to the neckline.


These awesome, AMAZING bStore x Liberty of London satchels, found on Style Bubble.

bstore libertylondon
bstore libertylondon2

Sort of seedy but gorgeous photographs by Bryant Eslava.


Some snazzy clothes from the sale land of Gargyle. A Vena Cava white, crochet back romper and a Rachel Comey prim but oh so hot dress (peep the peekaboo side mesh pannel!)

venacava cat people romper gargyle2
venacava cat people romper gargyle
rachel comey ply dress gargyle

Beautiful photos that capture nature in a magical, wistful, quiet sort of way by Angeles Peña.
angeles pena flickr3
angeles pena flickr7
angeles pena flickr5
angeles pena flickr6
angeles pena flickr4
angeles pena flickr2

These zesty looking ice-pops look DIYable and oh so refreshing for a hot hot day.


Eat that icicle on this beach. This beautiful photograph by Varsi Matteo captures the hazy, dizzy effect a day at the beach can cause, am I right?

varsimatteo l'affichemoderne

Sort of harboring a big bad love for this 3.1 Phillip Lim powder blue asymmetrical dress.

bonmagazine lefashion 3.1lim

Maybe I'll do this one day to a door on my green grassy property. A cool little capture by Jennifer Causey.

jennifer causey simply photo

These gorgeous behind-the-curtain captures from Free People's July catalog shoot in Austin. I really, really want to go to Austin!

fpjuly behindscenes
fpjuly behindscenes6
fpjuly behindscenes5
fpjuly behindscenes3
fpjuly behindscenes7
fpjuly behindscenes4
fpjuly behindscenes2

And this song, Teen Daze, by Waves! Hooray Summer. July ain't over yet.

romantic world of food

I wrote the foreword to this really, really beautiful video, created by Tiger in A Jar, a husband and wife duo that makes gorgeous short films of every ilk.

Screen shot 2011-07-08 at 11.17.01 AM

Check out the full recipe, and watch the gorgeous, enchanting video at Gilt Taste. Beet Cake never looked so dreamy.

flights of fancy | three

How was everyone's long weekend? Sometimes (read: always) I wish they would never end. Like I could just call out from work for the rest of time and live along the water and swim in the nearby lake.

Yesterday at a party I saw a girl rocking a body chain and it re-sparked my love for the sexy little buggers. I must get my hands on one, asap. These, by Linquist Jewelry, are pretty and affordable.

linquistjewelry etsy3
linquistjewelry etsy4
linquistjewelry etsy2
Screen shot 2011-07-07 at 3.55.44 PM

This super-cool and witchy editorial featuring Sky Ferreira, who starred in a movie that a film teacher at my college directed.


Retro Super Future's Lucia glasses are a dream. I wish my face looked at all right in this shape of sunny!


T by Alexander Wang resort 2012 collection is real, real nice. I enjoy the sweaters.


Miss Moss brought Atomica Magazine to my attention. Thank goodness.


This photo by Edouard Boubat makes me want to drop everything and head to the country, even more than usual.

Edouard Boubat everydayishow

Overalls. Denim overalls and striped shirts. Denim overalls and striped shirts and hats. Yeah, I like em. Now to find the right pair... This cute photo was spotted on Closet Visit. (psst, Jeana, I'm moving to LA, wanna visit my closet?!)


Freaking adorable smudgy water color paintings of wild animals by Rop van Mierlo.


Sorry this is a day late! Hope everyone celebrating had a raucous and rowdy Fourth of July.