Song is Interleave by Win Win, featuring Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip (love!). Artwork by Beth Hoeckel.


covermagazinefeb Andreas Öhlund4
covermagazinefeb Andreas Öhlund3
covermagazinefeb Andreas Öhlund
covermagazinefeb Andreas Öhlund2

Andreas Öhlund for Cover Magazine, February.

english rose

marieclairefeb clemence
marieclairefeb clemence3
marieclairefeb clemence2

Or should I say a French rose? But in any case, the clothes feel very British prep.

Clemence for Marie Claire, February.

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I don't do that much in the way of fashion week coverage on Summer Teeth just because I'm always getting distracted by other pretty things. Check out my tumblr for some of my favorite looks.