take me away

marieclairefrance feb annemenke
marieclairefrance feb annemenke2
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Not generally the type of stuff I lean towards but holy heavens, I don't care, it's so freaking cold out and there's been so much snow that gosh darnit flowers and pastels and sunshine and brights look GOOD. hell, they look marvelous.

Sidenote: the cropped cerulean blue YSL top and skirt are above and beyond. So, so good.

Photos from Marie Claire France, February.

white, white winter


As a dedication to the massive amonts of snow we've gotten so far this Winter... my favorite winter whites.

All from La Garçonne and Net-A-Porter.


flair december1
flair december 2
flair december 3

Urging myself into a romantic mood. Not ssso hard when there's red lace mini dresses involved, ya know?

Flair December 2010.

summer away from home

russh38 bennyhorne bambi
russh38 bennyhorne bambi2
russh38 bennyhorne bambi4
russh38 bennyhorne bambi5
russh38 bennyhorne bambi6
russh38 bennyhorne bambi8
russh38 bennyhorne bambi10

Benny Horne for Russh, of course.

Russh is my favorite magazine of late. Sometimes I forget, since I never see it on newstands or subway rides, but whenever a new editorial pops up I am just blown away. They seem to have a no-bullshit policy for their photos. I like that.


Love Is A Sunset by Phoenix! (you may recognize from the Somewhere trailer)
Photos by a flickr favorite, Tamara Lichtenstein.

a stolen glimpse


Fiona Green, Associate Fashion Director of FLARE Magazine in Toronto, has a sweet closet.

images from The Coveted.