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another mag spring 2010 vanderperre3
another mag spring 2010 willy vanderperre2
another mag spring 2010 vanderperre5
another mag spring 2010 willy vanderperre
another mag spring 2010 vanderperre4

Willy Vanderperre for AnOther Magazine, Spring 2010

red earth

mark pillai anastasia kuznetsova1
mark pillai anastasia kuznetsova2
mark pillai anastasia kuznetsova

Anastasia Kuznetsova shot by Mark Pillai
dankse flickr
I spent a semester in Argentina, spent 10 days traveling throughout Chile. Out of all the places I've visited in the world (admittedly, not so many), Chile was one of my favorites. Such kindness and vibrancy. Sending best wishes and love and strength towards that way of the world. And to the rest of the Pacific too, waiting out a Tsunami warning.

I wonder if people are starting to put any stock in this global warming business. Global warming --> extreme weather patterns and occurrences. We are living it. Let's try and change it.

so lovely


Them Thangs for a massive chaos of photographic inspiration.



Photo by Cameron Smith.

Love the shoulder chain drape-thang and the priestly shape of the jacket.


selfservicefw09 maxfargo

I'll be blogging for just about my favorite Baltimore boutique, Shine Collective, for the next few months.
So excited to be part of the team! Check out my first post here.

to go blonde


This photo makes me want to dye my hair even more! Obsessed.

Photo from anywho.dk

if i did know one thing

veruschka blowup1

Passion Pit - Smile Upon Me
Photo of Veruschka from google!

This song makes me anxious and buzzy and all kinds of wacky-wonderful feeling.

ethereal erin


Looks from Erin Fetherston, shot by the Cobrasnake

for next fall

jenni kayne fall2010
jenni kayne fall3
jenni kayne fall2

Burnt shades in warm tones, colored tights, tan tights worn with tonal pieces (!), leather details, mix and match separates. Jenni Kayne gets me every time.



Writing a big piece on street-fashion blogging/photography for the Baltimore area arts/culture magazine, radarredux.com. Have been trying to convince everyone that its a worthy topic, something that an up-and-coming city with a burgeoning art scene might be interested in reading/considering.... Baltimore photographers everywhere! Take to the streets!...? Maybe? This is what I'm hoping for.

Will post the link once its up.

Photos of Tavi from google.

tie me up

tim walker id3
tim walker id
tim walker id2

Tim Walker for ID Magazine


glynis selina arban lula
glynis selina arban for Lula

we'll drift along

prismatic tumblr3

photos from Prismatic and Fashion Canvas

there you are

Raphael Young

Now if these aren't perfection, I'm not sure what is.

Shoes by Raphael Young.

grumpy clouds

Went to see the Oscar-nominated animated shorts last night, this one made me happy, but its not a nominee!
Eh. Enjoy anyways. I'm such a sucker for animated goodness (I first saw this in 3D - evennnn betta)

heavy fringe

Cedric Buchet
Cedric Buchet2
Cedric Buchet3

Cedric Buchet