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becaboo flickr

Off to London (and Paris? And Scotland?) for two and a half weeks. My first European adventure. Any suggestions in London for great (cheap.) places to shop/eat/be?

Expect sporadic updates but updates nonetheless!

Photo credit, becaboo flickr

bedroom noir


Lula on tfs

here's to you, kid

robin jonsson leap

congrats to all the grads. off to commencement to watch my best friends walk the stage and leap into life!

photo credit Robin Jonsson

thank you thank you!

Thanks a billion times over to Another Rather Lovely Thing, a rather lovely blog indeed for this sweet award.
My first! ow ow :)
An honor to be considered with greats like Knight Cat and Rackk and Ruin

Here are my 15 picks. the rules are to pass the award on to another 15. spread the love!
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And the Wildcards, blogs not fashion related but all the while read-worthy and relevant (if you like good music and good news, that is):
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Images via Vice Magazine

women are from venus

ashley mens row2

ashley mens row

Ashley Olsen for the Row Men's Collection.
How cool is she?

Images via Refinery 29.

this day

more Spring inspired



Isabel Lucas

unknown, Nast, Isabel Lucas via TFS

oh oh

clemence tfs

still in search of a sequin jacket of sorts ooooh don't think it'll ever happen. not like this, at least!

Credit tfs


fuck finals. that is all.

denise g4


never mind

Credits, Denise Grunstein, unknown, Wildfox

islands on the coast







Photographer Robin Jonsson creates magic, I swear. The light leaks and reflections on the lense and vivid color and well all of it. Good stuff.

quiet quiet

jonathon leder

Jonathon Leder
Seriously evocative photography. Good n grainy.

susana valoczy via littlevices

It's been raining for about 7 days straight now, I'm over it.

Babys - Bon Iver --- why do my imeem songs keep cutting off? this is such a beautiful song, youtube it.

Photo by Susana Valoczy via littlevices