hedi courtney4

Courtney Love by Hedi Slimane


Sølve Sundsbø v mag3

Sølve Sundsbø v mag2

Sølve Sundsbø v mag1

Sølve Sundsbø for V mag.

Amazing huh

makes my heart feel happy

This just makes me smile:

let go flickr

credit Flickr

PS thanks everyone for your comments and sweet werdss, I can't express my appreciation enough! so this post of hopefulness and springtime will have to do.

ghetto fab

garance mira

one of thheee coooolest streetstyle shots i've seen in a while. and the same girl as this! talk about versatile dressing.

Credit Garance Doré

a search

erin rvca

Where, oh where are all of my crushed velvet leotards from decades ago dance-class when I need them?

RVCA Erin Wasson.


Exclusive Video of Lykke Li Covering Kings of Leon Live in KNRK studio from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

Just in case I didn't love her enouuugghh, Lykke Li covering Kings of Leon. Who my dad's band of medical-field professionals (called 'Alterego' ha ha) will be playing at their next gig. heh.

And this amazing video of Fleet Foxes, singing in a beautiful, booming, abandoned wing of some auditorium in Paris. Quite amazing, especially towards the end, at about 3:44.

Fleet Foxes - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

la la la

looks like snippets of my blurred childhood memories. catchy song too.

good things


Cool street shot from Face Hunter,
Cool music from José Gonzalez.
The photo makes me want to cut my hair off and bleach it whiteblonde. coolcoolcool.


vogue ital stephen meisel

It's weird, I am happiest when I'm tan, but I think fair-skinned people are always so beautiful. Where do you stand on the fake'n'back scene?

Just counting the days to spring...
sasha nitkin1

Vogue Italia, shot by Stephen Meisel, and Sasha Nitkin

skye's the limit

more from Skye Parrott's fortress of fashion inspiration:

skye parrott6

skye parrott7

skye parrott2

skye parrott4

Skye Parrott.


my second favorite from the Vogue China ed.

jen brill chinaed 2

rockking those dark lips and tom bins (?) jewelry.

there she goes

jen brill chinaed

Vogue China.

front row looking good


All of this is just too good.

heart of chambers

Saw Beach House last week, god they are good.
Dreamy and haunting and mesmerizing.
Mellow but provocative and something just a little bit different, maybe off.
Listen if you don't know em.

beach house

And best yet, they're from Baltimore!

wraith pinned to the mist

skye parrott jalousa ilirjana alushaj

skye parrott jalouse2

skye parrott jalouse

Skye Parrott photography.

alone in kyoto


So cool.
In search of a bralette like this, but less sheer, and ideally without the stitching. Want to wear it with high-waist denim shorts on the beach in Jamaica day after dayyyy.

Credit Nike

up and above

The Alaia shoes from this post out and about during Fashion Week.
They are extreme.

alaia - stylesightings

Credit stylesightings


It doesn't mean much, as a half-assed holiday that is; but good photos (and good food) are always a good thing in life.

photos taken by me.

sitting pretty

freja id


Freja in ID magazine.

darkness falls

nom d2
nom d

Nom D

I've been feeling kind of dark lately. lots of eyeliner and black. i need the springtime to wipe that out of here! less than a month until I'm lounging in Negril, Jamaica. yyyeeea.

hat like that

once and for all,
where oh where can i locate a hat like this one?
a charlie chaplin black bowler hat. round on top. short brim. yes.

i die

yowza. ostrich heel from Charlotte Olympia. I would REALLY adore these in the spring with neutrals. or just in life.