died and gone to jumper heaven

just in case you were beginning to tire of all of the festive jumpers seen during the holiday season (how could you!), here are some cosmically splendid knit goodness brought to you by annie larson. something to wake up your sleepy, food-induced-coma eyes, ey? her line ALL Knitwear is completely bonkers, a patchwork approach to print and color that would make any 80s/90s child weep with happiness. ying-yangs and cheeto prints and just general delight. check it out, buy like your unprepared aunt on christmas eve morning. happy holidays!


irina said...

all the psychedelic colors are too much for me to handle :)


ALI&ANG said...

Wow this quite the look! Where did you photograph this?

Ali of:


saarah said...

love these colors!