this bed is on fire

Excuse the slow in posting, I've been lucky enough to be attending some New York Fashion Week shows for Refinery29. Photos of surroundings to follow after the crazy hectic week. Today I'm heading to Rebecca Minkoff, Araks, and Peter Jensen. yahoo! Wish my poor heel-hurtin' feet luck. Other than that it's a joy.

charlotteronson ss11
charlotteronson ss11 2
charlotteronson ss11 3

Yesterday, I went to the Charlotte Ronson show in Lincoln Center. Aside from Hanneli (stunning in person), Rumi, Bryan Boy, Yvan of Facehunter (who in truth, I wanted to follow around more than anything - I suppose its the plaid jacket and cropped pants), and Julia Frakes sitting startlingly near, there were the clothes. Oh, the clothes! Zap those into my closet now. Ronson does a really good job at creating an image of a lifestyle on stage, appealing to a crowd who wishes and wants to live the life she spins down the runway. Set to a decidedly 90s soundtrack ('Laid', anyone?), the models stomped down the runways in grunge basics gone bohemian. Sheer plaids, long silhouettes, mixed floral prints. All, of course, with a knit beanie, small braids tucked into straightened hair, and - in some cases - tiny little silver nose and lip rings. I like.

Oh, and if you aren't already hawking the site, Refinery29 is the place to be for NY Fashion Week coverage this week.

sparkle fade


This type of glitter reminds me of my childhood. Used to put it everrywhere, on everything. Simple pleasures, you know? Pretty sure it's still somewhere stuck in the grains of my bedroom carpet.


print loves

harpers bazaar spain1
harpers bazaar spain2

Harpers Bazaar Spain

Pretty is enough

muse summer10 terry tsiolis
muse summer10 terry tsiolis2

dreamy. how I felt today.

Muse, Summer 2010, photography by Terry Tsiolis

cloud grazing

elle mexico sept

Giraffe print. Unexpected kinda...

Photo from Elle Mexico, September 2010.

live a life that you miss


it's alright
i'll fill you in
don't you wait
for me to call your name again

photo by Lauren Ward
song/lyrics, Blessa by Toro y Moi.

feel the love

mikael jansson2

it's my 22nd birthday today! yeah.

photo by mikael jansson