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vanessajackman leatherskirt
vanessajackman leatherskirt2
vanessajackman leatherskirt3

This is an outfit I'd wear for sure. Love that purple polish!!

Like what our girl here, shot by Vanessa Jackman, is doing with that visible bra. Read my article for Refinery 29 on the best lingerie to flaunt this summer here.


luis sanchis
alison scarapula

1,000th post today! Thanks so much for reading & following. Let's grow old together, okay?

Photo sources: Little Plastic Horses, Luis Sanchis, Alison Scarapula

from the moon

saga sig and hildur yeoman7
saga sig and hildur yeoman3
saga sig and hildur yeoman
saga sig and hildur yeoman2
saga sig and hildur yeoman gardenofenchantment
saga sig and hildur yeoman8
saga sig and hildur yeoman6
saga sig and hildur yeoman9

Basically the wackiest most wonderful photography/art work I've ever seen. Created by Saga and Hildur Yeoman.


ruby ss10 lookbook bedrock
ruby spring:summer 10 bedrock lookbook9
ruby spring:summer 10 bedrock lookbook7
ruby spring:summer 10 bedrock lookbook6
ruby spring:summer 10 bedrock lookbook5
ruby spring:summer 10 bedrock lookbook4
ruby spring:summer 10 bedrock lookbook2

Still reallyy loving on this collection by Ruby for Spring/Summer 2010.