sky ghosts


beautiful! how can I do this too?

Photos from Vanilla Scented.


Patricia Ann said...

Take your photos during the day, preferably on an all white surrounding and a lot of natural light. You can get natural light at best before noon. After that, the light is too harsh which will result to yellowing of your photos. You can still take it during those times during the day, but you would need to shoot in RAW to be able to adjust the exposure.

When you've got your picture, shove it into Photoshop.

1. Duplicate your image and hit the gradient tool (G).

2. On the top toolbar after hitting the gradient tool, hit the drop down and choose "Rainbow Spectrum". I suggest you double click the gradient to edit the colors so they are more pastel like instead of neon.

3. Choose a linear gradient, the first one out of the 5 styles of gradients.

4. Set the mode to lighten.

5. Set the opacity to 20% (you can adjust) depending on what you like.

6. When it's all set, take the cursor and drag it across your image, hitting undo or layering it on depending on the style you like.

Hope this helps!

Patricia Ann

SummerTeeth said...

oh WOW! THANK YOU! that was the kindest comment ever.

SummerTeeth said...
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size too small said...

fantastical. i love it.

Artpixie said...

the photos <3