99 zip

99 Zip Wedge by Jeffrey Campbell. Mine just arrived. Like the Acne Atacoma but a little easier to wear. YUM

cherries cherries cherries

a love affair

Does anyone know where this is from? Saved it forever ago in a random folder. Please tell me.

the great indoors

lina elle11
lina elle7
lina elle 8
lina elle4
lina elle 2
lina elle 6
lina elle1
lina elle10

and the rest. from Fashion Gone Rogue. September Elle, "Age of Enlightenment".

this is so incredibly beautiful

lina elle 9

Lina Scheynius for Elle. Good for Elle.


vogue aus sep09 4
vogue aus sep09 3
vogue aus sep09 2

Vogue Australia

Moving into school TODAY! weird. be back when Internet's movin'.

big white bow

style sights2

Style Sightings.

white wash

mosshart interview2
mosshart interview

Alison Mosshart from Interview Magazine, Arnsdorf

color saturated


Wanting this book.

photos by Lauren Dukoff.

giovanna sighting

giovanna battaglia garance

Saw her on the street the other day in Soho wearing denim cut-offs, a white striped Chanel tshirt, and a cluster of sparkly chunky necklaces. perfect. walked past her with a giantttt grin on my face like a creep! haha. my mom was all "what are you smiling about? who was that?"

summertime clothes

guy aroch6
guy aroch4

Guy Aroch

Check out the ruffled cardigan. Dog days of summer forever! (back to school in a day)

thigh high

ellen von
ellen von4
ellen von2.p
ellen von6

I know she is divisive when it comes to agreeing on her "taste" or tendency to make girls look like complete prostitutes (Emma Watson included), but Ellen Von Unwerth is epic.

Images from Google


chriskane top5chriskane topshop2chris kane topshopchriskane top4chriskane top3chris kanetop7chris kane top9chris kane top6

Christopher Kane for Topshop, from The Cut. Slowly die. Will not recklessly spend.