really beautiful. Kuroshio Sea, second largest aquarium tank in the world. the song is alright. but shit that camera quality is out of this world. really spectacular. just thought I'd share.

drew elle

photo of Drew Barrymore in Elle.


Stefani said...

That is so cool! It looks beautiful:)

Megan said...

its weird i have a strange fascination with big fish swimming around a glass box :)

makes me want to jump in

Roxy Kailua said...

gawjus! and hmm, the song is ehh, but does nothing and adds nothing to the video.

Francheska said...

I am absolutely stunned by that aquarium video!
there is something so mysterious and magical about the oceans out there!
A whole different world that we will never be able to make complete sense of! Its incredible!
thank you so much for sharing!

Wends said...

drew barrymore is so beautiful.
really amazing video, great find!