this time tomorrow

bella howard
bella howard3
bella howard2

Divine whimsy.

Bella Howard as discovered by Knight Cat.


dv said...

you have a lovely blog! thanks for visiting fauxtograph!

Call Me Cat said...

yeah me too, far too tall for those MK kind of heels :( sadly!

This Bella Howard is pretty cool stuff, huh?

Cat! x

Shannon said...

She's pretty rad!
I'm not sure if I can replicate Vanessa's studded shirt...i've never done DIY before! haha.
Oh, to wish. I will probably find some skilled somebody to make it for me....hehe.
This blog is great! You have awesome posts.

McCall said...

hey love your blog!! i especially love that photo of the little girl with the crown and popsicle thing.

May Kasahara said...

I love these TONS.